The Happy Jar


About a year ago, I came across this pin on Pinterest. The objective seemed simple enough, every time something makes you happy, you write it down and put it in the jar. Then, on New Year’s Eve, the jar is to be opened and each memory is read. While I can’t be sure when exactly I first decided to begin this project, on January 1st, 2013 I had my jar and slips of paper in hand, ready for an amazing year. I kept the jar by my bedside and happily watched as it filled up throughout the year.

I finally opened the jar yesterday (a week into 2014 I know, I know). I found myself smiling as I read and remembered things that happened to me through out the year. Everything from something as simple as “Baked cupcakes with mom!” or “Sleepover with Kelsey!” to major events like, “Graduated college!” or “Moved to Omaha!”

2013 was definitely an interesting year. There were lots of ups, and plenty of downs.
But all in all, I learned, laughed and lived a lot.

“And it has been one hell of a year. I have worn the seasons under my sleeves, on my thighs, running down my cheeks. This is what surviving looks like, my dear.”

Here’s to 2014, may it be even more memorable.